Staci over at answers some questions about her pattern, the Log Cabin Blanket. Have you ever done a log cabin knitted blanket before? You can also check out her free pattern!

The Log Cabin Scrap Blanket pattern and video tutorial can be found here.

I noticed that I’m getting many of the same questions on this pattern, I believe it deserves it’s own FAQ page.


Q: I can’t seem to get the colors of my blanket to come out as nicely as yours. What am I doing wrong?
My guess is that you’re doing it correctly. :) Don’t get hung up on the colors of any one square. Once the whole blanket comes together, the colors take on a different personality. I followed three simple rules in regards to color – first, I made sure that no single square was dominated by a single color. Second, I made sure that no single square was dominated by mostly dark or mostly light colors. Third, I kept really uncomplimentary colors from touching each other. That’s it!

Q: I don’t understand how to work the borders.
The borders are worked like every other strip. The only difference is that you’re not cutting the yarn to start a new color. Just stick with the same border color for four strips, which will cover each of the four sides.

Q: My worsted weight yarn leftovers vary in thickness. Is that okay?
In the blanket pictured above, mine varied, too. I would guess that the yarns I used could be called worsted, light worsted, and Aran. It turned out fine.

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