Here is a great article about some UK knitters and their Knit One, Help One campaign. They’re raising funds for a hospice in a very interesting way!


A group of British knitters have been busy knitting up a really long scarf, with one knitter in particular knitting her bit and more. As part of the Knit One, Help One campaign knitters are aiming to knit a scarf about two miles long, that will reach from a local pub to the Winsley hospice in an effort to raise funds for the center. So far about 50 people have contributed to the scarf, which is now about 75 meters long, or about half as long as they want it to be. One knitter, Joyce Taylor, has knit a piece “about the size of a large car tyre,” which I can only assume means rolled up it’s as big as a tire. The group has raised ?300 for the hospice so far.

A knitter and yarn shop owner in Leyland (also in the UK) has covered a statue and a local pub with knitting to raise awareness of a project she’s planning for a festival in July. Linda Simmons wants knitters of all ages to help her cover a large truck with knitting to raise awareness of the craft.

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