I am great at lace patterns, even very intricate ones like the ones that MMario creates (and seriously, if you haven’t checked out his FREE designs, you are missing out). HOWEVER, I have been pretty bad at charts because I prefer written-out instructions. I even have nifty ways of marking where I am in the pattern on my computer or iPad. So if you’re like me and would like a primer on reading the lace charts for those gorgeous lace patterns that you’ve been knitlusting after, go over to Knit Picks and check out their handy article on the topic.

Unlike last year when we had a very late spring/summer, we are getting a taste of summer a bit early here in the Northwest! For the past week, everyone has been absorbing the sunshine and enjoying the nice weather. In addition to changing up the wardrobe with skirts and dresses, warm weather also signals a change in my knitting habits. As soon as there are a few consecutive days of sunshine, it takes a lot more willpower to pick up that sweater I started last month. Instead, my needles long to cast on light and airy shawls.

Lace projects are my go-to summer project for so many reasons. I love that the project is small and lightweight, even though it will be large in size when blocked out. And I particularly love that I can squeeze my shawl project into a small bag that I bring with my when I ride my bike. And when I am done, my beautiful lace shawl keeps the chill off my shoulders on cool evenings. In my mind, lace knitting is portable, practical, and just plain fun!

So, inquiring minds want to know – do you prefer your lace knitting with charts or written instructions?

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