I’m always looking for a simpler way to organize my yarn while I’m knitting, and typically wind up kicking it under my coffee table or sofa. I lust after the gorgeous wooden yarn bowls I see online, but I just don’t feel like shelling out cash for them.

If you’re like me and are forever chasing your balls of yarn, and also untangling yourself from them while doing intarsia, this post from We Are Knitters was written just for you (well, us!). One of the many tips is to use a metal colander in your kitchen:

Another easy idea is to use a vintage colander that you have around the house. It’s better if it’s metal or of another heavy material, so it doesn’t move around and can hold your yarn.

Pass the yarn through the holes on the side of the colander and start knitting. The holes will keep your yarns separate and at the same time you’ll have them all together in the same container. It looks pretty too!



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