I’m honestly going to pass out from the cuteness. Make it stop, Lion Brand!!!

Because I have cats, this is ridiculously enticing for me. Anyway, the Lion Brand Blog has a wonderful how-to tutorial for adding a custom monogram to your knitting (holiday or otherwise). I’m just wondering if I can make them small enough for the baby squirrel that we rescued this fall…

Monogramming How-To for the Holidays

As the holidays drew nearer, Kelloggs (my pet bunny) decided he wanted to ring in the season with style, so I made him this festive sweater! For this sweater I used Vanna’s Glamour® yarn in red and Jamie® yarn in white. Although not all pets are as keen to dress up, the technique I used to monogram his initial onto the sweater can be used on any knit project.

Read more at the Lion Brand Notebook.

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