Do your fingers ache and cramp when you’ve been knitting for a long time? For me, it’s usually my left hand, probably because I’ve got a Vulcan Death Grip on my left-hand needle. If you’re looking for a way to relieve the cramping and the pain, go check out Sarah E. White’s post on Craft Gossip about … FINGER YOGA. Awesome! Also be sure to check out her Pinterest boards (link below).

finger yogaSince I have been sidelined by a crafting-related injury that has made my hands and arms hurt, I’ve been researching some stretches and things that can make my hands and arms a little stronger and healthier, which is great since I care a lot about my overall health, not just for my hands but for my body as well so I exercise and also take supplements from sites that help with this.

It just happened that I came across a pin for Finger Yoga the other day, and while I haven’t explored it completely it does look like it has some interesting stretches, nicely illustrated with big pictures.

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[Photo via Finger Yoga.]


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