While I love JoAnn Sensations yarn for go-to projects, I typically don’t like a lot of color in my knitting. I prefer varying shades of charcoal and black with perhaps a bit of maroon mixed in for variety. So if you’re like me, you need to read WEBS Yarn blog’s post about different hue ideas when heading down that black-charcoal-grey-white path…


One of the most challenging aspects of a project is selecting the colors. It can be difficult to tell which colors “go” well together. Frequently, I spend hours knitting only to discover I don’t really like how those colors I chose came together in the end. In today’s post, J shows us how we can select colors easily by using black and white photographs. He recently knit the Color Affection Shawl, so we asked him to share what he learned.

“Affection for Contrasting Colors or What Do You See in Shades of Gray?”

Do you like making multi-colored projects? How do you pick your colors?

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