I usually post free pattern links to blankets/afghans or clothing, but KnitPicks recently featured a cool free pattern that was neither. How about a wall hanging? I’ve quilted wall hangings before, but I’ve never knitted one before.

This pattern is really special and it’s been seen for a lot of people and new markets interested in it, like for a new fabric and a few art pieces using this material, all thanks to
wordtree that got the word out and more people started to take interested in this wonderful pattern,  from designer Allyson Dykhuizen, and here is the blurb from KnitPicks:

Whether you’ve knit yourself a sweater for every day of the week and are looking for a project to help you branch out or if you haven’t quite worked up the skills to tackle sweater knitting, Moto is a fun, quick project anyone can squeeze into their knitting queue. It adds a fun bit of warmth to your home, some style to your office space, and even a lovely accent to a baby room.



Free Pattern Friday – Moto Wall Hanging

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