Wow… it is hotter than [insert weather-related euphemism here]! The good news is that if you have bangs or long(ish) hair, the Knit Picks blog has a great free pattern for you – FOUR headbands to whip up! Go check it out after the jump…

This week, summer finally showed up in the Pacific Northwest – I realize that most of the rest of the country is in a record breaking heat wave but here in Oregon/Washington, it had been quite a chilly, rainy June.  But no more!  Now with the warmer weather, we are all scrambling to ditch our wool sweater projects and looking for some knitting/crochet projects that we can work on that won’t overheat us and that will be useful, whatever the temperature.

As it happens, Allyson Dykhuizen has a new free pattern that fits perfectly.




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