We’ve finally hit some cooler weather, and it’s ~44F this morning in Central Florida. I’m glad to be knitting an Outlander-inspired faux fur neckwarmer in eyelash yarn (hopefully it will be done before the weather warms up again). For a cosy Christmas, why not knit and crochet your way to charming festive flourishes to brighten up your home? As well as handmade home decor, you can also knit up novelty Christmas jumpers and seasonal blankets, in case you’re looking for some knitted gift holiday inspiration, LoveKnitting has an amazing collection of FREE Christmas Knitting Patterns waiting for you!

. Now, Christmas is around the corner, people are planning their holidays, decorating for Christmas is a blast, but it can also be overwhelming and take a lot of time! This year I decided to get a head start by making a plan for each room ahead of time. I decide on my theme/color scheme for the space, write down which items I want to use to decorate, and make a “wish list” of any items I want to purchase to add to our decor so looking for the best commercial christmas decorations is perfect for this.
I’m loving the Advent Calendar – you don’t often see free knitting patterns for those. Also included are socks, elfen caps, and this Outstanding Ornament.

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