I so love Knitting Daily. I want to meet Eunny Jang!!! Love her!

OK, fangirl squeeing over. If you’re new to knitting (or know someone who is), go grab Knitting Daily’s new free ebook, How to Knit for Beginners.

From the download page:

Let this free knitting basics guide help you learn how to cast on with a fail proof method, one that you’ll learn to love. You’ll learn all about the knit stitch, how it’s supposed to look on the needles and when to know if you have made a mistake. This free eBook for beginner knitting has expert quick fixes to easily identify and correct common knitting mistakes so they won’t hold up your progress. Remember mistakes are a part of learning to knit and these easy fixes will help you become a better knitter. It’s important to remember that even the most famous knitwear designers were all once learning how to start knitting just like you!

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