is not only a fabulous free knitting pattern site, but also reminded me that I’m lucky to live in Florida. I literally have 2 (or maybe less!) chunky, warm, thick skeins of yarn in my stash! I know that I’m probably an anomaly mostly due to my geography, so I don’t want to ignore that the rest of you are probably shovelling snow and pulling your caps down over your ears. I never have to “do” caps, which is unfortunate with all of these wonderful hat patterns rolling around in the Intertubes!

Here are some wonderful free bulky/chunky and worsted-weight patterns to keep you warm from

1. Harmony Shawl
2. Contralto Shawl (vintage, baby!)
3. Crescendo Shawl (more vintage, baby!)
4. Popcorn Scarf
Lemon Curd Scarf
6. Fisherman’s Rib Scarf and Cowl
7. Lemon Curd Slouch Hat
8. Two Cable Bulky Hat

I love the pockets on the Contralto shawl. Go knit yourself warm!

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