Mochimochi Land has an adorable new pattern … teeny knitted pigeons! And aren’t these little guys adorable?


[image from Mochimochi Land’s blog]

I’m so excited because I love amigurumi, and I just found out that an EIGHTH baby is on its way. Yes, it seems as if we’ve got an arrival of twin girls! One c-section is happening today, and more are coming next week. I feel like it’s Baby Hiroshima around here.

Anyway, I am glad to be able to take a break from the baby knitting. I love the little beaks on these guys! I’ll admit to not being the best color-worker when it comes to yarn, but this pattern seems to be easy enough for the likes of my knitting skills.

BTW, I’d love to see pics of any of the free patterns that I’ve listed on the site. My comments typically close at 14 days, but feel free to comment with a link to your completed project or shoot me an email. I’d like to make a post of visitor’s completed pattern projects.  🙂

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