Sarah E. White asks a very good question: Do you knit less in summer?

I live in Florida, so we don’t really ever get a true winter (true fact: I’ve never actually driven a car in snow before). Most of my knits are light, and I’ll save the heavier knits for friends and family who live in colder climes.

How about you? Do you actually knit less when it’s warmer, or do you change your yarn weight or patterns to suit the warmer weather? Go answer Sarah’s poll on her page!

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, which marks the unofficial beginning of summer. It’s already warm enough where I live to have been declared summer a few weeks ago, and I certainly feel the pull toward lighter-weight yarns and smaller projects these days.

So this week I want to know if you notice a change in your knitting habits when the weather gets warmer. Do you knit less because you’re spending so much time outdoors? Or is it the only time of year you actually have time to knit because school is out?


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