Growing up in the 70s and 80s, I look back at many of my childhood pictures and wonder one of two things: what in blue blazes was my mother thinking when she put me in THAT? and what in the hell was *I* thinking when I put that monstrosity on?

Michael, a thirty-something American crocheter hooker has given me a smile since I discovered her about a month ago. She finds amazingly frightening knit/crochet horrors, and posts pics of them … all with brilliant commentary. From her blog description:

With great knitting and/or crochet skillz comes great responsibility.

It’s up to us, knitters and crocheters alike (and yes, even you loom-knitters), to decide how best to wield our powers.

May this blog be a guiding light– a beacon of hope in a world overrun with what can only be described as
. . . YARN YUCK.

And WOW, are there some doozies! I would like to give you a craptastic example from yesterday:

[image from Yarn Yuck]

Now, growing up in various stages of “farm” from a small island in Southern Ontario to the horse farms of Northern Florida and coming from Midwestern farming stock (my mother & her siblings were literally born on a farm), I can appreciate the need for warmth and durability, as well as the love of a good cowboy (did I really JUST TYPE THAT?). However, what in the Roy Rogers is THAT thing? It looks like the interior of my friend’s Chevrolets from the mid-90s. Other perplexing, non-knitted items in this picture are the fact that he appears to be wearing buckskin spats and that I’m not sure if he’s winking at me or trying to avoid the sun’s glare. Or perhaps it’s the brown plaid flannel shirt which matches NOTHING in that horrific cardigan peeking out from underneath it.

There certainly are some doozies on Yarn Yuk’s site, but she’s never malicious, which is a nice breath of fresh air in this day in age. Go visit when you need a good giggle, a shot of self-esteem, or some mock horror.

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