Introducing the iKnitty Forums!

I’ve added a new feature to – introducing the new iKnitty Forums! In the forums, you can ask questions about the stretchy bind-off, find out what that knit stitch was you saw in a book at Michael’s, or get a new free pattern knitting resource. I only ask that you follow a few simple […]

WE’RE BACK! And a Free Baby Hat Pattern…

Well, just celebrated its one-year anniversary, and celebrated by getting the domain name held hostage by the registrar. Good times. After a few weeks of haggling, I think things are finally back to normal … a little. I’ll be revamping things and modifying the look a bit. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT… why not a […]

iKnitty WIP #1: The Gorgeous Goddess

I am a HUGE (and I mean, fangirl-squee huge) fan of ¡The AntiCraft! I had started knitting back around 2002, and really had only made scarves with some seriously crappy, bargain-bin yarns. Honestly, I was convinced that knitting was about scarves, cabled cardigans, and socks. Basically, Gramma knitting. A few years later, I decided to […]