Lovely Lace Knitting: LaceKnits eMag Preview Gallery

Welp, I posted this and accidentally deleted it. Awesome! Anyway, I am really jazzed about this new online magazine from Knitting daily called LaceKnits. Check out the beauty in the preview below: ================================================================================ Fresh Techniques for a Fine Tradition LaceKnits, a brand-new eMag, is here—and bursting with exciting techniques, how-to articles, and gorgeous patterns to […]

The Heroines of Jane Austen Knits

I have the wonderful and amazing first issue of Jane Austen Knits, and cannot wait for the new issue! I am positively DROOLING in anticipation, the first one was that good! Here is some more info about it from the editrix herself. ============================================================================ Editors’ note: We’ve invited Amy Clarke Moore, the editor of Spin-Off magazine […]

Yarn Along May 9th

From Knit Luck – a yarn along … and a giveaway! What more could you ask for? (ok, ok… don’t answer that one!) Go check it out! ==================================================================== It’s Yarn Along time again and this week I’m not reading much, but I have been going to town on the Diminishing Rib cardigan, yes still I […]

Color In Between

From Knitting Daily, here is a great article on intarsia and color in your knitting (which, admittedly, I’m too chicken to try)!   We hear intarsia and we think color knitting. But intarsia is also an ancient technique of inlaying pictorial mosaics into wood—a technique that was highly developed during the Italian Renaissance. We take […]