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Who doesn’t love a pooch in a sweater? But while us humans can’t get enough of doggy knitwear, we can’t help but wonder whether these pups were as impressed with their owner’s crafty knitting creations! 

1. The King of… the Backyard

Hank hoped the photoshoot could be over and done with so he could get back to lion-around!

dog sweaters

Click here for pattern.

2. Show-Stopper

She might have looked like the head of the fashion wolf pack – but on this occasion Fluffy was more of a show stopper.

dog sweaters

Click here for pattern.

3. Identity-Thief

The humans thought it was hilarious, but Barry the Beagle was not so impressed with his Halloween costume, although he had taken some calming treats for dogs amazon so he was bein calm about it.

knitting dog sweater

Click here for pattern.

4. Puzzled Pugsy

Although Charlie was happy to be involved he had no idea who the lady cuddling him actually was.

knitted dog sweater

Click here for the pattern.

5. The Happy Patriot

‘Walkies next she said. One more outfit she said.’

knitted dog sweaters

Click here for the pattern.

6. Farm Dog

‘But are you actually going to give me that ham?’ Sasha had her priorities.

dog sweater

Click here for the pattern.

How did you dog react to your knitting project? We’d love to know!

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