FREE PATTERN: Arctic Ribbed Hat

I’m really digging this cool horizontal-ribbed hat: Designed by Svetlana Avrakh Could you also see it in green, and turned into a festive Christmas tree hat? Hmmm … possibilities are endless! Skill Level: – Free Pattern of the Day Related posts: FREE PATTERN: Cables Square and Round Pillows FREE PATTERN: Mini-Mitts and Hat Garland […]

FREE PATTERN: Lacy Christmas Bookmarks

Looking for a quick holiday gift to whip up, now that we only have 11 days before Christmas? How about a little free lacy bookmark pattern? Size: Approx 2″ wide x 14 1/2″ long. Skill Level: – Free Pattern of the Day Related posts: November 25 – Lacy Christmas Bookmarks FREE PATTERN: Aqua Octagon […]

No one buys mom’s knitted goods, so son tweets for sales

Figen Murray of Manchester, England set up a stall to sell her knitted goods. Unfortunately, she had no takers and zero sales. Then her sweet son took to Twitter: …and saved the day! Read the story here at the Today show’s website. Related posts: Free Pattern: Knitted Cross of St. George Flag Weird, Wild, Wooly […]

Kate Hudson’s Holiday Knitting

If you follow knitting celebrities on Instagram, you probably have already seen that Kate Hudson, daughter of the hilariously talented Goldie Hawn, has already made some decent headway on her Christmas presents. How does she find the time? Goodness. How far are you on your holiday knits? Related posts: Pregnant Princess Kate Has Taken Up Knitting […]

Kat Dennings’ knitting club with Ronda Rousey

You’ve all heard about celebrity knitters like Sex in the City stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Angela Lansbury, director George Lucas, David Arquette, Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks, and Amanda Seyfried, but did you know that Kat Dennings has a knitting ‘club’ with American MMA fighter Ronda Rousey? She was just on The Ellen […]

FREE PATTERN: Halloween Ornaments

Well, today I learned two things: there are really cool Hallowe’en ornaments I need to be making and also what “Julekuler” is all about. The awesome-as-usual Sarah White has posted about both a Julekuler generator (chart only) and also has provided a few links to some seriously awesome Hallowe’en ball ornaments. Go check it out! Post at CraftGossip’s Knitting blog. […]

FREE PATTERN: Warm Garland Sweater

Hey, y’all! I’m in the middle of Hurricane Matthew and still have power and internet (yeah!). I’ve finished grading my undergrad’s submissions for the week, so I figured this was a great time to blog about Pickles’ free sweater pattern – just in time for some cooler weather! (well, for some folks – it’s supposed to […]